What we do!

A safe, caring, friendly Café and unique support group run by volunteers. Open to ALL Parents, Grandparents and Carers of Children with Additional Needs for some precious ‘ME TIME’. Chat and share over a Cuppa and delicious Cake whilst your children are at school. Pre-school Children are welcome and can have fun with a range of sensory play equipment and enjoy Makaton singing and signing! NO DIAGNOSIS or REFERRAL is REQUIRED
Much more than a café, for our families it’s a non –judgmental place of sharing and friendships, not a playgroup but a cosy environment to be enjoyed with their children, who explore and have fun with many Sensory toys and equipment. Our information hub covers specific needs support that is available.


Keep up to date at https://www.facebook.com/Hi-5talktimecafe-694819087360876

As well as children using our sensory room, sensory toys and equipment, they can enjoy Makaton Singing and Signing with our Makaton teacher, Baby and Toddler Massage with our Special Needs Aromatherapist, and being joined by their siblings at special events in the school holidays.

Look out for our parents’ Cooking Project after the Coronovirus pandemic has eased.

SOpen term time Tuesdays, 10 – 12am (other weekdays and school holidays – see our Facebook page). Cuppa and Cake: £2 per adult.

Plenty of car parking is available or there is a bus stop close by. (travel subsidies available – please ask)


Hi-5TalkTimeCafe was started in Jan 2017 as a result of three Nana’s meeting each other in Bude and finding they had one thing in common, ‘Living Experience’ within their own families of children with additional needs. Two lost their children with additional needs 30 years ago and one is bringing up her teenage grandson with Downs Syndrome following the death of his mum when he was 2 years old. A safe, caring, friendly, self- funding café & support group was the result, where parents, grandparents and carers can come for some precious ‘Their Time’ for a few hours to chat, share, laugh or cry in a non –judgmental cosy environment over a cuppa and lovely homemade cake and light lunches.

One of our Key strengths: No Diagnosis is required.

We began in Bude with one family and now support many, with numbers growing through word of mouth, and the help of a team of super volunteers. In 2019 we moved to the former Methodist Chapel at Bangors, Poundstock, where we have the space and environment to expand.

Families come from Bude, surrounding areas and as far as Launceston and Okehampton due to what we offer. Some with their children now at school like to pop in when they can for the continued support chat & cake! Sharing includes joys, fears, feelings of isolation, frustration with the numerous hospital and professionals appointments requiring travelling two hour round trips on Cornwall and Devon’s roads, having to fight for their children to have a diagnosis, which can take up to 3 years, having to fight for their children’s individual education placement.

In 2019 we also gained charity status and the National Lottery Community Fund awarded us a grant to develop our activities and services, both enabling an exciting long-term future.

In 2020, we received a ‘Together for Families in Cornwall’ grant from Cornwall Rural Community Charity for a cooking project that we are looking forward to beginning after the Coronovirus pandemic.

How you can help

Contact us if you wish to consider volunteering on a regular or intermittent basis or becoming a Trustee.


Every donation we receive, large or small is gratefully received and spent wisely.
We are a small but ambitious charity and with a modest income make a big impact.



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Family Testimonials

Made lots of friends

  • Kim
  • 14 November 2019

I have made lots of friends and so has Sam. The group is very supportive and understanding of Sam’s needs and non judgmental. I was given lots of moral and practical support when Sam was very poorly and we were coming out of hospital with nowhere suitable to live. Maria & Carolyn found me temporary accommodation. I feel safe and welcome and don’t have to worry if my child ‘plays up’. I have, in turn been able to support new mums who have felt nervous coming to a new group by meeting them before Hi-5 and coming with them. There is an information table with leaflets about lots of different things re –syndromes, benefits, funding etc, which is useful. We chat about what has helped us and are able to share what has worked or not worked – for example if one of our children is not sleeping. I will still come when Sam is at school, for a coffee and a chat.


  • Dana
  • 08 November 2019

Hiya, we go to Hi-5TTC every week and find it absolutely invaluable to our family. My daughter has ANSD (auditory neouropathy spectrum disorder) hyper mobility & sensory processing disorder. It is a safe place where she can play and interact with other kids without worry or stress. The people who run it are fantastic and you will leave feeling like you have gained family, there is always a shoulder to cry on or someone to celebrate your child’s achievement, no matter how small it may seem to others. It gives me a chance to speak to other parents about the pleasures, troubles & turmoils that raising a child with a disability brings, it’s a place that we can get information and help. Its our safe place to express our feelings of frustration or joy with no fear of judgment, only support & love. Plus they have amazing cake made by the most fantastic lady to eat while you laugh or cry, it really is the most lovely place and we love it! Lots of love Dana, Hayleigh & Harmony-rose xxx

Highly recommend

  • Anonymous
  • 02 November 2018

After attending a few ‘baby’ groups with my other children and then my youngest and not enjoying them at all, I got recommended to the Hi- 5talktimecafe…and I was very very surprised with the amazing warm welcome that I received off the organisers and volunteers… My child has a rare birth defect which has affected her hearing and she wears a head band which holds the hearing aid…I was expecting a lot of comments about it but was pleasantly surprised that all the people who attended today knew about it…my little girl who is normally clung to me like a baby sloth actually moved away from me and started playing with the other children there… I highly recommend this group for all of you parents who have children with additional needs… Posted on Bude Banter FB page.

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  • Krist
  • 28 October 2020

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Supporters Testimonials


Such a good job

  • Kate Hall
  • Unknown

Kate Hall You all do such a good job, it looks amazing, making so many families happy. xxx

Fantastic groups where people help each

  • Emma Middleton
  • 20 December 2018

Emma Middleton May I just say how lovely it has been to follow you on facebook and see how fantastic groups where people help each other can be.... A WONDERFUL 2018 AND HERE'S LOOKING FORWARD TO A PRODUCTIVE, LOVING AND SUPPORTIVE NEW YEAR 2019! From a FB post on Hi-5Talktimecafe Page…

Contact Us

Email : info@hi-5talktime.org.uk


BANGORS (former Methodist Church) POUNDSTOCK. EX23 0DD.

From Bude on A39 at first Crossroads in Poundstock Turn RIGHT signposted POUNDSTOCK CHURCH.

We are the 1st building on LEFT.